Corona hygiene measures

To ensure that you can learn safely on site with us, the regulations of the current Corona Protection Ordinance also apply to all our events and courses. 

Mandatory face masks

In municipal administrative buildings with public traffic, the mask requirement will continue to apply beyond April 2, 2022. This means that a medical mask or FFP2 mask must still be worn in the buildings of VHS Köln.

Exception: The mask can be removed at the seat during lessons or events if the minimum distance and regular ventilation are ensured. This also applies in dance, theatre and music courses. 
Ideally, please wear an FFP2 mask for your own safety.

Persons who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons are exempt from the mask requirement. This must be proven by a medical certificate. 

When communicating with deaf and hard of hearing people, the mask can be removed. 

The mask requirement does not apply to outdoor excursions. However, we recommend wearing a mask if safety distances cannot be maintained.

Safety distance and number of participants

We adjust the number of participants to the respective valid Corona protection regulation. Furthermore, the distances of 1.50 metres between the seats in the classroom or the floor mats in the sports rooms are guaranteed. Please remain at your seats during lessons. In classes with movement through the room, all participants are requested to keep sufficient distance from each other or wear a mask.
The rooms are ventilated before, during and after lessons or events. 

Hygiene measures

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Disinfectant is also available in the entrance areas of our buildings.

Please clean your table, keyboard, mouse, etc. with the disinfectant wipes provided.

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