Aphrodite's Children

Paphodians Return to Turkish Cypriot Enclave Kasaba Baf in search of Yesteryear's Paphos

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Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean; its main population is formed by Greek and Turkish speaking Cypriots - Perhaps small in size but with its long and involved history, a stepping ground of many civilizations, Cyprus forms an example for the application of many theories and workings. Taking this as basis, the artist and cultural analyst Serap Kanay choose to study an Identity group of Turkish speakers from Baf/Paphos interacting on Facebook, whose participants look back into their common past primarily through sharing old photographs. 

What is the background: Prior to 1974, residents of the Turkish speaking enclave Baf in the port town of Paphos were by no means a homogeneous group in their political opinions or world views, but all held a strong sociological identity of being from Baf/Paphos - known in Turkish as Kasaba Baf. Kanay calls this Paphodiannes, while the people identifying themselves with and upholding these values can be called Paphodians. 

After the war in 1974, Cyprus was divided and became Greek speaking south and Turkish speaking north. Many Turkish speaking Cypriots had to flee/leave their homes in the south, including the residents of the enclave Kasaba Baf/Paphos. They were separated from each other, resettled in three main towns in the north of Cyprus as well as emigrating to many cities overseas, longing for their lost home. Many years later Facebook emerged as a new means of communication; in 2011 a Paphodian formed a Facebook identity group in order to reconnect, remember, reminisce and ultimately reconstruct a Paphos of their memories and recollections. 

The sociological research of Serap Kanay looks into the working of this group, which primarily works on social media, but in a short time also crossed into "real life" with activities, gatherings, trips and more. Kanay's aim is to discuss and analyse if this social media group's workings and activities provide an alternative history which supplements the official history and whether the Facebook group’s activity can be considered as providing an alternative archive for the collective memory of the nation.
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