Oriental Fusion Dance

Schnupperworkshop - Anmeldung erforderlich!

This evening is a trial workshop free of charge. You will get an idea of the weekly classes starting September 15. These will introduce you to the fundamental movements of classic Egyptian belly dance. Creative Dance class based on belly dance movements for whoever wants to move in a different and energetic way. This is an open level session which will build body awareness skills and technical training. Participants learn these skills built through body parts “belly dance basics” warm-up, stretch, core conditioning and crossing the space.

We start with a brief warm-up before moving into the workshop. We will play with the use of shapes, isolation and level changes, while working with snake like movements and basic movements from belly dance. We will then combine it all for a short oriental fusion dance routine.

Belly dance is one of the most beautiful, exciting and sensual forms of self expression. Its is empowering, Uplifting and fun.

Language: English/Arabic 

Hend is from Egypt. The class will be held in English, but she also speaks Arabic.
1 Abend, 01.09.2020
Dienstag, 18:00 - 19:30 Uhr
1 Termin(e)
2 Unterrichtseinheiten à 45 Minuten (1,5 Stunden)
Hend Elboulaty
VHS im Bezirksrathaus Lindenthal, Eingang Oskar- Jäger Straße, Aachener Str. 220, 50931 Köln, Lindenthal

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